3 Hardware Lesson That Apple Can Learn From Other Manufacturers for Its Upcoming iPhone 7


Apple knows the art of making wonderful phones which looks and feels great, But there are some hardware feature that iPhone lacks since many years. There are many rumors suggesting us that Apple is working on crazy design change for its upcoming iPhone 7. Here are 3 hardware lessons that apple can learn from Android manufacturers:

1) Better Speakers:

I Phone’s have speakers that are better then many of the smart phones out there, But they are not the best. When it comes to speakers HTC rules this area. HT C’s One M9 features Boom Sound and Dolby Audio features. Also the One M9 has front facing speakers which make a huge difference.

2) Even Better Battery: 

Many of the iPhone users will agree on this one as battery on iPhone’s are not Industry leading. Currently iPhone (iPhone 6s) packs a 1715mAh battery in a phone that measures 138x67x6.9mm. Comparing iPhone 6s to its closest competitor that is Samsung Galaxy S6 which is thinner, longer and wider then the iPhone has a 2250mAh battery inside it.

3) Slim bezels: 

Currently its seems that iPhone 6 have thinner bezels but Apple did a very good job of pulling another optical illusion, By making edges rounded it makes the bezel look thinner, But in reality the total bezel thickness is very similar to the iPhone 5.

Apple can take clues from a mid-range Android phone which came last year that is Sharp A quos Crystal 2. This phone features a compelling edge less display that renders it unlike any phone currently on the market.

Source: http://technolifetl.com/2015/11/07/3-hardware-lesson-that-apple-can-learn-from-other-manufacturers-for-its-upcoming-iphone-7/


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